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First Commission 1962-1965.
Updated 9th January 2015

It is now 10 years since we had our little get together at the submarine museum and despite attempts to arrange another meeting of some sort nothing has materialised. Tug Wilson, Danny Daniel, Bryan Thompson and myself usually meet up at the Diesel Boat Reunion and last year Dave (Blodwin) Griffiths joined us. I have suggested this venue in the past, it is quite informal and always well attended (200 - 300) even though in essence it is only a glorified 'Dinner Time Session', of course we make a weekend of it. Should anyone required the details of the DBR please let me know and I will forward them to you.

I have recently been contacted by others who served on Otter, not the first commission but non-the-less Otters. The site was originally created after I was contacted by the late Keith (Scouse) Prowse, see below. Having not had a too great a response to the email requesting views on whether to restrict the site listing to first commission or open it to all I have taken it upon myself to throw it open.

Should anyone who served on Otter during their time in boats wish to have themselves added to the site and also add any contributions (Dits, pics and things) please forward to Dave Hallas (email link below).

Dave Hallas aka 'The Crow' 1962-1965 whilst onboard H.M. Submarine Otter.
Some four year or so ago I received an email through my 'Britsub' site from one Keith (Scouse) Prowse enquiring if it was the same Dave Hallas who he had served with during the first commission of the Otter.
Keith kindly forwarded some photographs which he had taken during the first commission and also informed me that he was in contact with Tony (Les) Thornton who had been 'Tanky' and also said it might be a good idea if we could see how many of the first commission we could round up and the possibility of some sort of a get together.

Over a period of time we managed, between the two of us to contact the following:(Alphabetically)

Keith (Bradders) Bradbury - RAN Australia. First Commission
Roger (Danny) Daniel - EM Cambridgeshire First Commission
Arie (Dutchy) de Rooy - RAN Australia First Commission
Joe Dolphin - REM                       NEW   First Commission
David Farmer - Chief EA             NEW Plymouth First Commission
Terry Furnival - RO1 Wigan First Commission
Dave (Taff/Blodwin) Griffiths - UC   First Commission
Dave Hallas - RO2 Cheltenham First Commission
Jeff Heard - Stoker (Oily)   First Commission
Don (Big Pat) Patterson - RCN Canada First Commission
Bernard (Bern) Price - EA   Last Commission
Chris Reynolds - CO - Last Commission Chatham Last Commission
Daisy Roots - Chief Stoker   Last Commission
Mark (Jimmy) Ruddle - First 1st Lieutenant Dartmouth First Commission
Hamish Sneddon - Forendy Gosport. First Commission
Stuart Sutherland - Stoker (Oily) Essex. First Commission
John (Scouse) Talbot - EM Northwich, Cheshire First Commission
Bryan (Tommo) Thompson - Killick Stoker/Later SPO Gravesend First Commission
Tony (Les) Thornton - Forendy/Tanky Australia. First Commission
Neville Whiting - EM/LEM East Anglia First Commission
Dave Willcock - L/Sea RP/Later P.O. Lincoln First Commission
Tom Winter - L/Ck                       NEW   1966 - 1967
Ian (Tug) Wilson - Stoker (Oily)/Later Killick Cambridge First Commission
Frank Wolfe - RAN - Second Navigating Officer Holland First Commission
Non Email connections.    
Gordon (Jan) Foad - Stoker (Oily) Kent??. First Commission
Johnny Head - RAN Australia First Commission
Brian (Jan) Pearce - UC   First Commission
John Speller - First Navigating Officer Bucks First Commission
Tom (George/Geordie) Stott - Stoker (Oily) Peterlee First Commission
Tony (Fingers) Wardale - First LO Hants First Commission
Brian (Willie) Whelan - UC Australia
(Phone No. 61 07 5485 4021)
First Commission

Known losses to date are:

Patrick (Joe) Aldridge UC - Passed away 1st December 2008.
Trevor (Lofty) Castle - Coxswain - Passed away June 2008.
Brian (Sandy/BLP) Powell - Second P.O. Tel and survivor of Sidon - Passed away 2000.
Mick Godly - First P.O. Tel.
Alfie Mullett - TI.
Terry Metcalf - Stoker -18th December 2012
Topsy/Shorty R.J.F. Turner - 2nd Command Officer 28th December 2012
Keith (Scouse) Prowse - Forendsman - 14th July 2013.
Roger Bridgeman - Second Electrical Officer, relieved Tony (Fingers) Wardale - February 2014.
Nigel Gilbert - First Command Officer 9th May 2014, aged 86.

It is also beleived that Charlie Hewson may also have passed away but to date have no means of confirmation.

Will be attending the Diesel Boat Reunion (DBR/DTS) in Guzz on the first Saturday in August and hoping to meet up with Tug Wilson and Danny Daniel once again. Anyone else who may be interested in attending please let me know and I will send you the details.

Surfacing signal received from Willie Whelan now living in Australia, Willie doesn't spend much time on his computer and only found the site by chance. I have his snail mail address for anyone who may be interested in contacting him. Arie de Rooy contacted me today and if Willie isn't too far away he is going to contact him.

In 2004 those of us who were able had a small get together in the Submarine Museum, Gosport, it would be nice if we could make a repeat performance at a suitable venue to everyone before there are too many who will be unable to make it.
Plymouth was put forward for this year but didn't meet with too much approval, if this is the case again can you please make suggestions for an alternative venue, it was also suggested that we make a weekend of it rather than a one night stand.

My search is still ongoing and hopefully this site will help in bringing more of the crew out of the woodwork. If you were one of us and would like to get in touch please EMAIL me.

Treat this site as your own and if you have any contributions please contact me.

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